Why Small Fish?

  • The fish was a recurring image in the earthly ministry of Jesus.

  • Some of the first disciples were fishermen, humble and hardworking people, originally from the vicinity of the Sea of Galilee. To these Jesus himself extended an invitation to become "fishers of men."

  • The symbol of the fish characterized the first Christians during the difficult years of persecution and threats by the Roman Empire.

  • One of the most extraordinary miracles of Christ in the Gospels was the multiplication of bread and fishes. In Small Fish we believe that God is the God of Multiplication, who is pleased to use small things with no apparent value to cause a great impact and feed many.

  • It is our desire that this simple and primitive idea, like a fish in the hands of a child, becomes a valuable instrument of grace in the miraculous hands of Jesus.


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   "I enjoy sharing the Word of God because it is the most important message of all; we are inundated with information, but lack revelation. The Holy Spirit continues to speak through this Word and gives life to those who listen."

Small Fish

"We are committed to communicate the transforming message of the Gospel to all we can reach, while motivating and blessing the people of God."